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The Easier Way
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The Easier Way
To Borrow

The Easier Way
To Borrow

Get The Best Deals On Personal, Auto Repairs, Medical, Educational & General Loans

Tech Loan Ltd was established in 2002 and is focused on meeting and exceeding your needs for financial assistance through its loan offerings. We have a wide variety of loans to meet our customers’ needs whether it be general payday loans, personal loans, low-interest loans, cheap loans, unsecured loans & more.

Back To School Loan

If buying uniforms, books and supplies too much for you right now, then contact us and relax with our back to school loan.

Work and Travel

For student who intend to work aboard under the cultural exchange program (J1) and does not have the financial assistance. We are the financial institution for you.

Payday Loan

In case you’re short of cash at the end of the month or have received an unanticipated bill, Tech Loan’s payday loan is a hassle free way to get instant cash.

Funeral Expenses Loan

If you want to pay for funeral expenses of your loved one, then talk to us about our affordable funeral payment plan.

Short-Term Financial Assistance

We are able to meet our customers’ needs with very flexible payback options via banks, credit unions or even salary deductions. If you are in the market for a cash advance loan or in a tight spot and just want an instant loan, we are your solution. We facilitate online application and our offices are open very early in an effort to reduce the time taken for loan application processes.

Affordable & Competitive Interest Rates

Getting a loan with us is easy. In fact, you can say, we offer easy loans. Consolidate your payments into one with our debt consolidation loans or our low interest personal loans. Our loans officers strive on same day approvals, better service, better value and most importantly, quick disbursement. We even have monthly loan specials with lower rates: than what we generally have, just to ensure our customers get the best loan rates. Visit, call or WhatsApp us or meet up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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