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Affordable Short Term Loans For Your Dreams & Financial Emergencies

Loan Types

Personal Loan

This is a general purpose loan offered to persons who are employed that can be used at their discretion for various things, such as:

  • Consolidating debt
  • Paying for an unexpected expense
  • Small home improvement projects
Requirements for Personal Loan

Applicant Requirement:

  • A recent job letter (Must be employed for at least 9months)
  • Photo taken in-house, TRN and a valid ID (passport, driver license, voters ID)
  • Last two pay slips (last 4 if weekly paid)
  • Proof of address in your name. For example, a bill; light, water, cable, hire purchase bill, a recent letter drop off to you via post office or an Address Verification can be done by the company.
Business Loan

This is a loan for any business person who has been operating a legitimate business for over a year. The Business loan is specifically intended for business purposes such as:

  • Financing equipment purchases
  • Making inventory purchases
  • Honoring payroll obligations
Requirements for Business Loan
  • Must be operating for at least one year
  • Two letters of recommendation. These can be obtained from a Justice of Peace (JP), pastor, school principal or another established business entity.
  • Two recent passport size photos, TRN and a valid ID (passport, driver license, voters ID)
  • Evidence of trading activity:
  • Printout of bank account with activity dating back at least three months
  • Invoices for purchases made at least three months
  • Invoices for payments made at least three months
  • Proof of address for home & business (utility bills for the last two months)
Taxi & Bus Operator Loan

This is a special loan geared towards satisfying the needs of all taxi and bus operators.

Requirements for License Taxi & Bus Operators
  • Two passport size photos (taken in-house)
  • TRN and a valid ID
  • Utility Bill (for the last three months) and an Address Verification (site visit)
  • Two Character Reference Letters. These can be obtained from a Justice of Peace (JP), pastor, school principal or an inspector of police or any other reputable individual
  • Original Motor Vehicle documents (Title, Certificate of Fitness, Certificate of Registration, up-to-date insurance information, a recent Valuation Report, photo of vehicle and Road License or PPV)
  • Motor Vehicle MUST be present for viewing.
  • Print out of a bank account for the last (3) Months.
  • MUST be a taxi operator for a minimum of one year.
  • MUST possess all the legal operating requisites.

Conditions Apply

Consider collateral for securing a business loan

Motor vehicle (Must submit original documents of vehicle title, insurance, Certificate of Fitness, registration and a recent Valuation Report).

Conditions Apply

Motor Vehicle Repairs Loan

We offer short term loans for emergency expenses such as a motor vehicle repair.

Loan Repayment Method
  • Bank Deduction
  • Salary Deduction

Kindly call to confirm your company’s eligibility

Guarantor Requirement
  • Job Letter (if employed by another company)
  • A recent passport size photos, TRN and a valid ID
  • Last 2 pay slips (last 4 if weekly paid)
  • Printout of Salary Account for last 3 month (if applicable)

Conditions Apply

Loans For The Self Employed

If you are self employed and require a loan for your business or personal needs, we are the company to turn to.

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